Research projects with public funding

"MODFET nonlinear models and MMIC design".

"HFET characterization and modelling for large-signal applications".

"Nonlinear MODFET models and MMIC design".

"Development of integrated circuits for 76 GHz automotive sensor application".

"Study and design of broadband communications subsystems with application to LMDS".

"Support from the University of Extremadura to Research Groups".

"Project GRU7063"

"Project GRU08041"

"Project GRU09086"

"Project GRU10126"

"Efficient discretization and optimization for analysis and design of filters, antennas and antenna arrays".

Research projects with private funding

"Characterization and modelling of InAlAs/InGaAs/InP MODFETs de InAlAs/InGaAs/InP".

"Development of a frequency doubler/amplifier chain for a 56 GHz communication system".

"Development of integrated circuits for millimeter-wave T/R modules".

"Development of GPRS kit".

"Desarrollo de un programa de evaluación de la calidad de la voz mediante la clasificación automática de señales acústicas"